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Microsoft says used games will work on Xbox One

Date: Fri, 7. June 2013 18:40:17
NEW YORK (AP) ? Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One gaming console will be able to play used games, clearing up a worry among gamers and video game retailers such as GameStop, which trade in used games.

Game Over? Why Video-Game-Console Sales Are Plummeting

Date: Mon, 11. February 2013 13:00:17
At a quick glance, it looks like it could be “game over” for the video-game-console business. Sales of consoles in the U.S. dropped 21% in 2012 to just over $4 billion, and figures from the manufacturers of the three top systems were lackluster over the crucial holiday season.  When announcing its quarterly earnings last month, Microsoft said its Xbox-division revenue dropped 29%. At Sony, lower PlayStation 3 and PSP sales were responsible for a 15% drop in revenue for its video-game division. Nintendo?s next-gen console Wii U also failed to generate as much interest as originally predicted. Last month, the company said it had sold only about 3 million consoles and that it would sell a million more through March, a sharp drop from the 5.5 million it initially anticipated selling. There?s less demand for the physical games these days too. According to research company NPD Group, game sales fell from a little over $11 billion in 2011 to less than $9 billion last year. Retailer GameStop says sales of new video games over the holiday season dropped by about 5%, and sales of used games dropped by 16%. ?It’s tracking to be the worst quarter the company’s ever had in the used business,” Sean McGowan, an analyst with Needham & Co., told the Wall Street Journal. Analysts blame a lot of the slump on timing. ?It is a cyclical market,? says Lewis Ward, research manager of gaming at IDC. ?The usual lifespan is 10 to 12 years for a console, and we are in a trough right now.? (MORE: Why the Next Hit Video Game May Be Crowdfunded) But the Wii U?s underwhelming sales illustrate that even the market for new consoles will be challenging, leaving the industry pinning its hopes on Sony and Microsoft. Sony is expected to unveil the next version of the PlayStation as early as this month, according to the Wall Street Journal, and start selling it some time later this year. Microsoft is also supposed to introduce its new Xbox this year, and analysts say the

Microsoft will continue to support Xbox 360 for three more years

Date: Wed, 4. September 2013 22:15:55
Microsoft will release the Xbox One on November 22nd, but that doesn?t mean the Xbox 360 will stop getting support. In fact, Xbox CMO Yusuf Medhi said during the Citi Global Technology Conference that Microsoft is shipping more games than ever and the Xbox Live subscription service is still growing. Eurogamer reports that he even went so far as to call the console ?incredibly profitable? as it nears the last years of its life cycle. As proof of just how much time the Xbox 360 has left, Medhi claimed that over 100 new games will ship for the 8-year-old console. Microsoft expects multiplatform games to perform very well for buyers who have yet to make the jump to the next-generation

Nintendo still doesn?t care about mobile gaming, teases ?non-wearable? tech

Date: Thu, 30. January 2014 21:30:05
Nintendo on Thursday revealed that while it plans to launch mobile companion apps for its consoles, it still isn?t interested in bringing any kind of Nintendo games to smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, the company teased a ?non-wearable? device that will offer some health and ?quality of life? features, The Verge reports. A few days ago, a Nikkei report suggested that Nintendo?s mobile app will bring exclusive videos and mini-games to mobile device owners, with the aim of increasing sales of its original hardware and exclusive games tied to it. However, Nintendo quickly shot down that report, reiterating its stance regarding mobile game launches. During its investor meeting following a less than spectacular quarter, Nintendo said that it will indeed use mobile devices

The best games to buy for your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Date: Fri, 22. November 2013 15:30:32
What?s especially unique about the game is that those levels are cylindrical, essentially letting you go around in circles as you fight and avoid enemies. As with past games from developer Housemarque, the audio / visual experience feels designed to help you get in the proper state of mind, with flashy graphics and a thumping soundtrack that are perfect for helping you focus. There?s just so much happening on screen at once, and despite the never-ending stream of explosions and lasers, the game runs smoothly throughout. If you?re not into violence or cars, you?ll find the game libraries for both consoles a little lacking at present.

Here?s how digital game-sharing works on the PlayStation 4

Date: Mon, 28. October 2013 23:45:38
When the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One were first announced, the ability to share physical copies of games was rumored to be in jeopardy. This caused an uproar from the gaming community and eventually forced Microsoft to rethink its strategy on digital rights management on its next-gen console. Sony reaped the benefits of the PR backlash by gleefully rubbing Microsoft?s nose in the mess it had made, but until now, there has been no word on how (or if) digital copies of games can be shared with friends and family on Sony?s own console. Now, just over two weeks from release, Sony has posted a PlayStation 4 FAQ online that details exactly how digital game sharing will work. When you

Xbox 360 racks up 26th consecutive month as top console

Date: Sat, 16. March 2013 00:00:27
Does Microsoft (MSFT) even need to launch a new Xbox? Despite Nintendo?s (NTDOY) recent release of its next-generation home video game console, the Xbox 360 racked up its twenty-sixth consecutive month as the top-selling console in February. U.S. sales totalled 302,000 units according to The NPD Group?s February data, placing the Xbox ahead of Sony?s (SNE) PlayStation 3 and both the Wii and Wii U. The Xbox 360 holds an estimated 41% share of the current-generation console market in the U.S.

Microsoft reportedly plans to take a cut of used game sales

Date: Fri, 24. May 2013 23:00:10
Xbox One games are installed to the console?s hard drive and registered to users? Xbox Live accounts. It remains unclear how the system will handle used games and Microsoft has failed to address the issue. According to a report from gaming news website MCV, retailers will be allowed to charge whatever they want for pre-owned Xbox One games, however both Microsoft and publishers will receive a percentage of every sale. Microsoft is looking to take control of the pre-owned market and will reportedly only allow specific retailers that have agreed to its terms to resell games. After a customer sells a game to an approved retailer, it will be registered in Microsoft?s cloud-based system as having been traded-in then it

VIDEO: Wii U 'flogging a dead horse'

Date: Wed, 31. July 2013 11:32:33
Sales of Nintendo's latest games console, the Wii U, slowed in the three months to June. Gaming expert Keza Macdonald said the next six months would be crucial for Nintendo.

Sony and Microsoft Are in New Kind of Break-Neck Race

Date: Fri, 21. March 2014 11:39:58
It?s been a while since video game consoles were just about video games. Sony?s PlayStation 2 was initially a hot seller partially because it came equipped with a DVD player in the early days of that technology. Microsoft?s Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 offered a wide range of distractions besides games thanks to digital…

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