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Microsoft Drops Developer Patch Fees On Xbox 360

Date: Fri, 28. June 2013 11:39:00
Microsoft has dropped its developer patch fees for games on the Xbox 360, positioning itself as more indie-friendly in the process.

Sorry, PlayStation 4 Games May Still Carry DRM

Date: Wed, 12. June 2013 14:18:15
Sony has left the door open for third-party publishers to apply DRM to PlayStation 4 games; but IDC analyst Lewis Ward says its policies may still force Microsoft to think again.

Bethesda Reveals Wolfenstein Xbox One And PS4 Resolutions

Date: Thu, 27. February 2014 17:09:00
Game publisher Bethesda announced the next-gen resolutions for its new game, Wolfenstein: The New Order recently, and it's a little different than what you might expect. Speaking to Gamingbolt, the company confirmed that both the Xbox One and PS4 versions will run at 1080p and 60 fps. It's a little different from what we've become accustomed to hearing from games such as Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Thief and Call of Duty: Ghosts, all of which perform with either lower resolution or framerate on Microsoft's Xbox One.

Nintendo reports third consecutive annual loss as Wii U sales fizzle out

Date: Wed, 7. May 2014 03:18:22
Nintendo made an annual operating loss for the third consecutive year in 2013, ending up ¥46.4 billion ($457 million) in the red as Wii U sales failed to pick up following the holiday season. Total Wii U sales now stand at 6.17 million consoles worldwide, meaning that Nintendo sold just 310,000 in the quarter ended March 31st ? a 20 percent drop on its performance a year ago. PS4 has already overtaken the Wii U Sony has already overtaken the Wii U despite Nintendo's year-long head start.

Review: Razer Edge Pro tablet?insane performance that's completely impractical

Date: Thu, 28. March 2013 11:00:00
PC gaming is poised to break free from the desktop?it just needs a device that delivers fast frame rates and lush graphics in an affordable, portable package. Enter the Razer Edge Pro, a Windows 8 tablet built expressly for playing PC games on the go. The hardware even comes with an optional controller accessory that turns the tablet into a handheld game console.  But Razer's pitch goes way beyond gaming. The company is marketing the Edge Pro as a multi-purpose machine that can replace your laptop, desktop, tablet, and, yes, even your Xbox, PS3 and Wii. After using the premier version of Razer's new tablet as my primary device for a week, I think it comes close to delivering on its multi-disciplinary promise?if you're willing to make some compromises. In terms of raw processing performance, sure, the tablet can do everything. First, the good news: It works. Thanks to a Core i7 processor and discrete Nvidia graphics, the tablet is powerful enough to run Far Cry 3 and Dishonored at decent frame rates. And thanks to Windows 8 Pro, it can run legacy desktop applications, including essential gaming utilities like Steam, uPlay and the launchers for World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. The Edge Pro also easily chews through productivity applications, handling the processor-intensive Photoshop with aplomb. The bad news: Whether you?re playing games, watching movies, editing images, or writing tablet reviews, the Edge Pro requires significant compromises. In terms of raw processing performance, sure, the tablet can do everything. But in terms of ergonomics, convenience, display quality and price, the tablet falls short of more specialized, cheaper devices. We reviewed the highest spec'ed version of the Edge Pro, and at $1450, it proved to be a luxury product for hardcore PC gamers only. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

App Market Shift Could Benefit EA And Activision

Date: Thu, 15. August 2013 15:01:00
The recent share price gains of Electronic Arts and Activision are partly due to investor anticipation for new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. But part of the surge may be due the changing dynamics in the mobile app market. Over the past year, app consumers have started shifting from casual, simple games towards mid-core games that incorporate a long narrative arc into game structure. Apps like "Tiny Wings" and "Subway Surfer" used to define the mobile app market - you play the game in 30-90 second increments and you never really get anywhere. The coin count may increase, but the player returns to square one each time the play session is over.

China considering end to 13-year ban on video game consoles: report

Date: Mon, 28. January 2013 01:31:50
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China is considering lifting a decade-long ban on video game consoles, the official China Daily newspaper reported on Monday, sending shares of major hardware makers such as Sony Corp and Nintendo Co Ltd surging. In November, Sony's PlayStation 3 received a quality certification from a Chinese safety standards body, prompting speculation that Beijing would lift the ban, which the government said was imposed in 2000 to safeguard children's mental and physical development. ...

Xbox One Friends app gets detailed in video walkthrough

Date: Mon, 14. October 2013 17:48:16
Are you a friend or a follower? In the world of the Xbox One, the distinction is based on reciprocation. Xbox sage Major Nelson has broken down the forthcoming console's Friends app, detailing the distinction between the two groups.

How PlayStation Move shaped the PS4

Date: Fri, 11. April 2014 02:30:00
The PlayStation Move has been called a lot of bad names. It's the PlayStation peripheral that's least used by game devs, least purchased by console owners, and least spoken of by Sony itself. Some of that sentiment's been turning lately, ever since Sony showed off Project Morpheus a few weeks ago and demonstrated what an impact something like Move has on virtual reality immersion (the controller works for both PS3 and PS4).

The Internet Archive puts Atari games and obsolete software directly in your browser

Date: Fri, 25. October 2013 16:11:41
The Internet Archive has officially released a tool that will let decades-old software run in your browser, along with a catalog of noteworthy, fun, or notorious games and applications. The Archive team has spent two years creating and troubleshooting a JavaScript port of the MESS computer software emulator, giving users of any modern browser an almost instantaneous way to run anything from Atari games to the very first spreadsheet application. ...

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