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Xbox One pre-orders arrive ahead of Target (update: day one patch is already live)

Date: Fri, 8. November 2013 20:42:00
If you were impressed by the flood of Xbox One information unleashed today or Microsoft's 12-minute demo video and just have to have one first, there may be a way. eBay seller priceless228 claims a mistake by Target ...

Sony pulls PlayStation 3 update that bricked some consoles

Date: Wed, 19. June 2013 19:15:12
Sony?s newfound goodwill with gamers won?t last long if it starts bricking users? consoles. BBC News reports that Sony has pulled its 4.45 system update for the PlayStation 3 that was leaving some consolesunusable. Sony says that it is investigating the reason its latest update, which it first released on Tuesday, bricked consoles and tells BBC News that it only affected a ?small number? of PlayStations worldwide. Sony also apologized to users and encouraged them to wait for an official fix for the problem instead of trying to fix it themselves.

Microsoft launches Xbox Music on Web for free

Date: Mon, 9. September 2013 09:45:43
Microsoft is making its Xbox Music streaming service available for free on the Web ? even to those who don't use Windows 8. The expansion beyond Windows 8 devices and Xbox game consoles starting Monday could help it compete with other digital music offerings like Pandora, Spotify and iTunes.

Sony E3 2014 PlayStation liveblog!

Date: Mon, 9. June 2014 20:46:00
With the Xbox One taking center stage this morning at Microsoft's press conference, Sony's trying to own the evening with its own PlayStation-focused event tonight. What's in store from the folks behind the PlayStation 4? We'll find out soon enough, but allow us to venture some educated guesses: a new God of War? Perhaps an update on the long-in-development The Last Guardian? A PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4 bundle? We'll find out starting at 9PM ET!

Wii game play can make docs better surgeons

Date: Wed, 27. February 2013 17:10:15
Next time you're about to get a surgical procedure, you might want to ask your doctor whether he or she plays video games. And it seems the answer you want to hear is: "Yes! According to new research, published Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE, regularly playing games on a Nintendo Wii can help laparoscopic surgeons improve their performance.

NVIDIA Updates SHIELD With Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Console Mode, New Titles

Date: Mon, 28. October 2013 15:42:00
MojoKid writes "NVIDIA announced a major update to its SHIELD Android gaming device today, with the over-the-air update delivering the latest build of Android (v4.3 Jelly Bean) to the handheld console. NVIDIA also launched GameStream in order to bring more PC titles to streaming devices. Wait, need more? How about SHIELD Gamepad Mapper, which turns touch-based Android games into ones that can be enjoyed with SHIELD's console-quality controls. Alongside that Android update comes Console Mode, which turns SHIELD into a portable living room game console. Users will be able to pair up a Bluetooth controller, kick back on the couch, indulge in Android games, browse the Web, and watch your favorite movies all at 1080p." Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Microsoft Drops Developer Patch Fees On Xbox 360

Date: Fri, 28. June 2013 11:39:00
Microsoft has dropped its developer patch fees for games on the Xbox 360, positioning itself as more indie-friendly in the process.

Sorry, PlayStation 4 Games May Still Carry DRM

Date: Wed, 12. June 2013 14:18:15
Sony has left the door open for third-party publishers to apply DRM to PlayStation 4 games; but IDC analyst Lewis Ward says its policies may still force Microsoft to think again.

Nintendo reports third consecutive annual loss as Wii U sales fizzle out

Date: Wed, 7. May 2014 03:18:22
Nintendo made an annual operating loss for the third consecutive year in 2013, ending up 46.4 billion ($457 million) in the red as Wii U sales failed to pick up following the holiday season. Total Wii U sales now stand at 6.17 million consoles worldwide, meaning that Nintendo sold just 310,000 in the quarter ended March 31st ? a 20 percent drop on its performance a year ago. PS4 has already overtaken the Wii U Sony has already overtaken the Wii U despite Nintendo's year-long head start.

China considering end to 13-year ban on video game consoles: report

Date: Mon, 28. January 2013 01:31:50
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China is considering lifting a decade-long ban on video game consoles, the official China Daily newspaper reported on Monday, sending shares of major hardware makers such as Sony Corp and Nintendo Co Ltd surging. In November, Sony's PlayStation 3 received a quality certification from a Chinese safety standards body, prompting speculation that Beijing would lift the ban, which the government said was imposed in 2000 to safeguard children's mental and physical development. ...

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