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Nintendo revises earnings down on weak Wii U, 3DS sales

Date: Fri, 17. January 2014 09:21:00
Citing disappointing holiday sales of its Wii U and 3DS game devices, Nintendo cut its earnings forecast for its fiscal year ending in March to a net loss. The video-game giant warned on Friday of a net loss of „25 billion (US$240 million) for the year, instead of the „55 billion net profit it had forecast last April. The company posted a „7.1 billion net profit for its 2013 fiscal year. Nintendo blamed the let-down on weak sales of high-margin games during the year-end period, which it in turn attributed to slower-than-expected hardware sales. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

The Coming Resolution Wars Between PS4 And Xbox One

Date: Sun, 27. October 2013 12:20:00
It's been a rumor for some time now and technically still is, but it seems like it's time to talk about this coming/current controversy of the differences in resolution between certain launch games for Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

Mozilla shows off ported version of Unreal Engine 3 in Firefox browser [video]

Date: Fri, 3. May 2013 21:15:23
Mozilla is out to show that it wasn?t just blowing smoke when it said it wanted to bring console-quality games directly to your web browser. Per Engadget, Mozilla has posted a demonstration video of Android game Epic Citadel that?s been ported over to Firefox using the Unreal Engine 3. While the video is just a straight scenic walk-through with no combat or interaction with non-player characters, it does show that it?s possible to have high-quality graphics run at a solid frame rate of 16 frames per second within a desktop browser. The Unreal Engine 3 is used to power such A-list games as Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect 3 and Batman: Arkham City, and porting it to a browser would be a

Tron The Move - Huawei Announces Android-Powered Tron Games Console

Date: Thu, 9. January 2014 12:10:00
Well, what a bombshell. No sooner has the Chinese government announced a relaxation of its ban on games consoles, than Huawei - the preeminent Chinese manufacturer of telecoms equipment - revealed its Android-powered microconsole, the Huawei Tron.

Slideshow: Game on: The sights of E3 2013

Date: Thu, 13. June 2013 15:05:41
The gaming community is out in force in Los Angeles to see Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and others display their latest consumer offerings.

CapCom Is Remastering The Classic NES DuckTales Game

Date: Tue, 26. March 2013 01:20:11
For video gamers of a certain age, DuckTales does more than conjure up a reminder of one of our favorite cartoons. It also conjures up one of the best video games of all time. Which is incredible, because anyone who was playing games in the late 1980s and early 1990s knew that a licensed game for the NES was pretty much a guarantee of a lousy game. DuckTales was an exception. Built along similar lines as its Mega Man games, DuckTales was both fun and hard.

Wii U Sales Surge 340% In November, Still Down From Launch

Date: Sun, 15. December 2013 11:28:00
In spite of a surge in Wii U sales, Nintendo's next-gen console is struggling to find its momentum.

Nintendo's Next Console Should Be A Handheld Hybrid

Date: Tue, 4. February 2014 13:51:00
Nintendo's next video game console should combine home and portable features.

Nintendo requires 'radical new beginning' to recover from Y25bn loss - Financial Times

Date: Sun, 19. January 2014 02:26:56
Zee NewsNintendo requires 'radical new beginning' to recover from Y25bn lossFinancial TimesAmid the smartphone boom of the past few years, executives at the Kyoto-based company have stuck to the basic model that defined the modern gaming industry: sell hardware cheaply, or even at a loss, then make money back through sales of software.Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecastUSA TODAYNintendo: What now for Wii U? mobile hurts Nintendo's bottom lineBusiness StandardRegister -Washington Postall 449 news articles »

Xbox 360 update starts cashing out on Microsoft Points

Date: Mon, 26. August 2013 14:09:00
It?s finally time to say good riddance to Microsoft Points, the virtual currency that was tied to the company?s Xbox 360 game console. Microsoft announced the end of Microsoft Points last month, and is now making the switch to local currency. The changeover is part of an Xbox Live update that?s rolling out now. For users who still have Microsoft Points left over on their accounts, these points will convert to local currency the next time you make a purchase on an Xbox 360 console. Just one word of caution: this converted currency will expire on June 1, 2015. There?s no expiration on currency you purchase after the transition. Microsoft also plans to launch local currency Xbox Gift Cards toward the end of the year. In the meantime, retailers will keep selling gift cards with Microsoft Points; they?ll simply convert to local currency when you redeem the cards on your console. Microsoft says it has no plans to stop accepting previously purchased cards or codes.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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