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Microsoft releases list of Xbox One launch titles ? 23 games in all

Date: Tue, 20. August 2013 22:30:38
This is a big week for video games with the annual Gamescom conference having just kicked off, and Microsoft is among the companies in attendance. The firm made several announcements as the launch of its next-generation Xbox One video game console draws near, but perhaps the most exciting for eager gamers was the complete list of launch titles that will be available in November when the Xbox One finally hits store shelves. The complete list of 23 titles follows below. Assassin?s Creed IV Black Flag (Ubisoft, Ubisoft) Battlefield 4 (DICE, Electronic Arts) Call of Duty: Ghosts (Infinity Ward, Activision) Crimson Dragon (Grounding/Land Ho!, Microsoft Studios) Dead Rising 3 (Capcom Vancouver, Microsoft) FIFA 14 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts) Fighter Within (AMA

Huge Titanfall update could bring 1080p gameplay

Date: Tue, 11. March 2014 18:15:42
We?ve been reading a lot about pixels lately, as they pertain to new video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This game is true 1080p, that game isn?t true 1080p, the other game is 1080p on one console but not on the other? it?s all a bit tedious for outsiders, but it?s obviously an issue for hardcore gamers. And rightfully so ? suggesting 1080p doesn?t offer any advantage over lower-resolution gaming is akin to suggesting 720p video is just as clear as 1080p video. When it comes to the Xbox One?s biggest title to date, the bad news is that Titanfall definitely does not support native 1080p right now. As it turns out, however, there may be some good news

Nonprofit to bring Sega game console chips back to life

Date: Wed, 13. August 2014 12:15:00
Processors that powered some of Sega?s famous gaming consoles in the 1990s will come back to life starting later this year. The newly formed Open Core Foundation wants to reintroduce in October older CPU designs of Hitachi chips, which were used to run operating systems and gaming consoles in the 1990s. The chips were advanced for their time and could even be used today in electronics like sensor devices and do-it-yourself projects, said Shumpei Kawasaki, a member of the OCF, at the Hot Chips conference in Cupertino, California. The goal is to provide low-cost, open-source CPU cores to the community involved in the development of products, Kawasaki said.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Sony's $15 million PSN hacking settlement pays out in free games

Date: Wed, 23. July 2014 20:57:00

Power-up ahead! Mario Kart drives into the real world

Date: Sun, 21. April 2013 17:14:45
You could say that Nintendo's beloved Mario Kart racing games have never looked so real. That's because a group of engineers have made the wacky, best-selling kart racing games, well, real.Very, very real.In the long-running video game series, players take Nintendo's famed characters racing around colorful tracks in go-karts -- grabbing power-ups as they go. These power-ups affect the go-karts' be...

Nightmare Busters: An Interview With Super Fighter Team Chief Brandon Cobb

Date: Sat, 16. February 2013 10:27:36
Brandon Cobb liked retro games so much he started a company dedicated to publishing them---and not just retro games, but retro games on retro systems.

Xbox One's price disadvantage disappears with new bundle

Date: Fri, 21. March 2014 18:19:00
Best Buy and Walmart have begun selling the Xbox One console bundled with a copy of Titanfall for $450, a $50 discount that arguably makes the Microsoft Xbox One cheaper than the PlayStation 4 from Sony. Nick Wingfield of The New York Times noted the bundle deal, which is revealed after one selects the bundle and clicks all the way through to checkout. Essentially, Microsoft is giving away Titanfall for free. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

New Consoles on the Way, but Gaming Isn?t the Same

Date: Mon, 11. November 2013 20:54:15
Sales of a new generation of consoles could be dented by tablets, smartphones and Facebook, which offer games at lower prices.    

NEWSForza Motorsport 5 announced for the Xbox Onea

Date: Wed, 22. May 2013 00:55:45
Xbox fans who also dig racing rejoice: "Forza Motorsport 5" was confirmed today by Microsoft during their press release for its new console, the Xbox One .

Open-source gaming ahoy! Valve joins Linux Foundation ahead of SteamOS launch

Date: Wed, 4. December 2013 10:54:00
In a move that could add momentum to game development on Linux, game maker Valve has joined the Linux Foundation and will contribute tools for developers to work with its SteamOS. Valve is a game development and digital distribution company known for games like the first person shooter ?Half Life?, online action game ?Counter Strike? and the Portal puzzle games. The Bellevue, Washington, company is also behind the PC gaming platform Steam. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux it offers access to more than 1,800 game titles and connects 35 million active users each month. The platform is also used by independent developers to distribute their games. Valve has been expanding its efforts on Linux for the past year. In February it released a Linux client of its gaming platform Steam and in September it announced SteamOS, a Linux-based OS that can be used to power game consoles. Steam running in Ubuntu Linux. (Click to enlarge.) Joining the Linux Foundation is one of the many ways Valve is investing in the advancement of Linux gaming, the company said in a joint news release. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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